Film Distribution Secrets – How to Distribute Your Own Film – a Review of Stacey Parks’ Course


filmy online The following is a evaluate of the course entitled movie DISTRIBUTION secrets and techniques by Stacey Parks. PRICE: $127.00

Sure you can make a movie – however can you correctly SELL IT?

As an unbiased filmmaker myself, I know only too well how important movie distribution is…

unluckily, the subject of movie distribution comes up VERY LATE in the movie making system. I am customary with many situations of filmmakers who have blindly long past ahead with their initiatives completely oblivious to the realities of the movie market and benefit talents. Filmmakers who spent large sums of money and years of their lives developing their movie only to be awfully dissatisfied as they encountered the stark truth of – DISTRIBUTION! They were actually stunned and horrified to uncover the reality about what it really was the patrons were looking for and the stunning dollar quantities that were being supplied for their movie. manufacturers who had spent $500,000 or MORE on their movie were being supplied $20,000 on the HIGH SIDE as an advance on their movie! Most closing were being provided not anything up front!

So it was with great interest that I took a serious look at Stacey Parks’ THE INSIDER’S support TO movie DISTRIBUTION. Here was a person who claimed to percentage insider secrets and techniques and realities of the business, and who was “pulling no punches.” She comes from that world – the world of deal-making, movie markets and schmooze fests and has been concerned in the sale of many, many remaining, each international and domestic.

I resolution to order the course and found it to be well worth the money. It is actually a gold mine of counsel and really should be required interpreting for every filmmaker earlier than they embark on making their film.

Do you want to know how much is realistically possible to make on your movie in the overseas markets? appoint: It’s not near as much as you think!

Do you know how much is being paid for movies that are being broadcast on cable channels like The Sci-Fi Channel, TNT, TBS, and HDNet?

Do you believe it’s necessary to have “name” actors in your film?

Is the format you shoot your movie on important? Can you use any old prosumer camcorder (HDV, MiniDV) and make income down the road?

Do indie comedies and dramas sell oversees?

These questions and many more are splashing out in Stacey Parks’ THE INSIDER’S assist TO movie DISTRIBUTION.

however – The thing I found most valuable…was…


That’s right. THE LIST of patrons. The exact americans in the agencies that acquire remaining alongside with all their contact advertising – adding their EMAIL tackle. overseas territory consumers. pups USA patrons. It’s all there – and it’s a GOLDMINE.

You see, the course additionally is going into great element on how to SELF-DISTRIBUTE your movie. The world of distribution is altering, thank you to the internet, and it is now possible to market your movie online BY YOURSELF.

And if going it on my own is not your cup of tea, Stacey displays you the steps you need to take to find a revenue rep to help you in merchandising your film.

backside LINE: So would I recommend this course? sure, definitely! Do yourself a favor and examine it out. It will save you an mammoth amount of time and attempt when it comes time to sell and distribute your movie.

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