Electronic Language-Learning Books and Ebook Readers


When it came time this year to dictate reprints for our newspaper books on Turkish language-learning — we hesitated, took a peek at technology improvements, also decided in favor of ebook publications.

The main reason we did thus is a result of the particular advantage supplied by the Adobe PDF format if used in combination with Adobe Acrobat’s simple-but oh-so-effective text search capability.

And, if you are concerned since you

that you may only access eBook files on computers that are networked — which neglect ‘the portability evaluation’ — then reconsider. Because you can find quite a few handheld Electronic Book scanning apparatus that can perform the job already (e.g., the Sony Reader, Palm Z22, Handspring Visor, Hiebook, Gemstar Rocket, along with Franklin eBookman) — along with several more waiting in the wings Learn Turkish online.

Electronic Book Readers — a cost comparison

We can almost hear some of you saying, “Ah, but a Sony Reader or a Palm Z22 doesn’t provide as much sensory sense pleasure as being a paper-based novel — also does not always have the same low-care portability.”

Well, assume we told you that we’ll be introducing authentic Turkish voice records within the subsequent digital variations of our novels. Wouldn’t the extra audio capability overshadow some (if not all) of the ‘sensory feel and low-care’ considerations? And that’s not to say the complete lack of Shipping & Handling charges for such quotations — and also the (no or low) purchase tax relief you’ll enjoy.

When it involves language learning reference novels, that question is really a tiny no-brainer, isn’t it.

So which one of them (already available) ebook reader devices should you pick? As always, our first consideration in such things is how, “How much does it cost? ” Here will be the latest cost figures we could find for several Electronic Book Readers which are harmonious with the Adobe Reader PDF File Format (our first provided format):

For full scale seeing:

The Sony Reader (measuring 6.9″ by 4.9″ by .5″) displays book-sized Adobe PDF pages, JPEG images, also plays MP3 sound recordings… from $299.

If you can live with a small display, you can also view (and listen to) Adobe PDF files on:

Nokia 6680 Smartphones Series. .
— as low as #135.00 in amazon.co.uk

Nokia Communicator 9500 series… from $779.95

Palm Tungsten E2 Handheld… out of $148.99

Isn’t one among these ebook scanning devices at your budget?

Jim and (co author) Perihan Masters are a husband and wife team, living on the Aegean Coast of Turkey only 50 miles south of Izmir. Jim was born in Shanghai, China — of American military parentage. Peri was born on the Black Sea coast of Turkey near Trabzon, of Turkish military parentage. . .Enticed by way of a Financial Times advertisement, Jim united a NATO sponsored venture in Ankara at 1974 where he met with the beautiful and brainy Perihan, an increasing young Turkish banking executive. Settled currently in one’s center of what was once the early Ionian Empire — the bunch live an amazing life by the ocean. . Writing, painting and drawing, teaching English, and providing computing service support to community businesses.